The Dog

I saw the small dog from quite a long way off. He was waiting on the side of the road, standing still all too timidly. I sensed he was trying to cross the road. Traffic however was a lot, and was reasonably fast.

There were at least 4 cars in front of me that separated me from him.When my car finally reached him, I knew that I had to slow down and stop. I flashed my headlights, wondering whether the dog would understand my intention.

He saw me. And understood.

A second or two passed before the little fellow plucked enough courage to start walking. He walked slowly. I flashed my headlights again to warn the oncoming car from the other lane to be aware of him.

The car from the opposite lane surprisingly complied, but I felt that the driver must would have thought that I was half mad to let the little dog through. Behind me, and behind the car in the opposite lane, traffic built up.

I laughed and relished the moment, watching our little traveller cross the road carefully and cautiously. He was such a well behaved dog. To the credit of everyone present, nobody was sounding their horns. It was as if the world had just stopped turning, and was silent for a moment – giving the right of way to one of its hapless creatures.

Once the dog was clear off the road, traffic returned to normal once again. I smiled, my heart as light as a feather : we had just witnessed something special.

I continued homeward, and said a little prayer. I hoped that the dog would be alright, and that people would be kind and considerate.

After all, we are all God’s creatures.

Knowledge is knowing what to tell. Wisdom is knowing whether to tell it.