Poster by Ken Kaneki

“So is he the good guy or bad guy?”, I had asked – the Tokyo Ghoul anime in full blast on Netflix in the living room.

“It’s complicated” my son Daniel answered – eyes fixed on the carnage in front of him.

“So he’s the bad guy?” I pressed.

“Actually he’s the main protagonist” Daniel replied, his voice competing with the low frequency explosive rumblings coming from the subwoofer that was threatening to bring down my light fixtures again (long story)

I remembered telling Daniel about protagonists when he was 5 : good that some lessons do last.

“And the antagonist?” I asked, finally getting somewhere.

“Err…actually he’s also the antagonist…” chipped in my daughter from somewhere behind me at the dining room table.

Ok. So it was complicated.

And wow, the protagonist/antagonist’s friend just had a whole chunk of abdomen and his left side ripped out from him by a monster/abomination that looked distinctively like a set of my grandmother’s dentures stuck to a grotesque excuse of a creature.

“The wound is too deep…”, the friend had said, moments later – obviously setting the tone for the mandatory death scene.

Duh! Hello! The wound was too large…. and more like a half-eaten pizza piece! Deep was an understatement!

Then I blinked. I had been drawn into the macabre spectacle without realising it.

I made note of the series’ name. This definitely needed some backstory and my attention later.

And oh, I was also hungry for pizza…



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