Photo and Video (below) by Author

I saw the waves, the line of water,

Nearing the shores, small in the distance,

Yet majestic in pose, and grand in stature,

The sea – an expanse of dusty cyan blue,

In the light of the brilliant afternoon sky,

The trees – waving in the marine breeze,

Affording me shade from a burning sun,

I look in awe at the Creation,

Before me the ocean of opportunity,

Behind me a meandering river of purpose,

Yet where I stand I am a creature of both,

In this small land that separates both,

Where I am ;

The observer,

The witness,

The participant

The bridge,

And the voyager.

With yesterday behind me,

Today with me,

And the future in front of me,

I am,

But a small speck in the infinite tapestry;

Of experience,

Of options,

Of ambition,

Of decision,

And of action.

Moving now, steadfast and with purpose,

In the name of the Good.




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