Faith, Trust, Hope, Love, Attitude

  1. A community decided to pray for rain. On the day of prayer, all the people gathered, but only one boy came with an umbrella. That is faith.
  2. A man threw his 1 year old son in the air. The boy laughed because it was fun and he knew his father will catch him. That is trust.
  3. A poor old woman was told she had incurable cancer. She would scrounge enough money to buy her daily painkillers from a pharmacy. The pharmacists knew of her situation and wanted to give the painkillers for free but she refused. She told them not to take away the act of buying her own medication from her, as that was the only thing she could do for her cancer. It was symbolic of her effort to get better. That is hope.
  4. A man left his stable job to plan and put into action things for his tomorrow in spite of zero knowledge of the future. That is confidence.
  5. A mother walked miles to bring her sick child in her embrace to hospital despite her being tired. That is love.
  6. A man started his journey by being open to the world around him and by being receptive to the lessons the world provides – through joy, sweat and tears. He was unfazed, taking each step as it comes and by adjusting and adapting accordingly. That is attitude.




Navigating life a story at a time.

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Subandi Kamis

Subandi Kamis

Navigating life a story at a time.

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