Brothers (2011)

Akmal: Can I have that last piece?

Daniel: o.k

Akmal : he he…

But there are times when big brother Daniel would say “..But you’ve had yours! That’s my share!”

And these 2 would argue tremendously over the trivial item while I listen on in fascination …

“You’ve had 3 pieces already. I only had 2!”

“…but you ate 4 yesterday!”

“That does not count! That was yesterday! Today is today!”


Still, when I go out to the store with each of them separately, one child would always be thoughtful of the other. Getting a chocolate for himself, each child would say

“Daddy, can I get an extra Kit Kat for Daniel/Akmal?”

And there were nights that I had to get into their room, demanding that they stop their chatting or rough housing and to instead go to sleep.

In their zeal and in the spirit of brotherhood, these 2 had dismantled doors, broken their beds and cracked the kitchen cabinet glass. They had relentlessly teased their sister who had been more patient than she was not.

Akmal had a line about his big brother – in a mock complaint to me.

“Daadddy, Daniel is too handsome!”

And Danial would disclose on Akmal of sounding like a cartoon in his sleep.

When these 2 were apart one holiday season, Akmal would not go to the water park without his big brother – even when his mum and me actually volunteered to go up the slides with him.

“I’m going to wait for Daniel” Akmal had said softly.

I felt my heart melt. Such was their brotherly love.

But then, Akmal had smiled that impish smile of his, revealing his ulterior motive …

“…if he’s with me and he gets stuck again, I can push him down!!”




Navigating life a story at a time.

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Subandi Kamis

Subandi Kamis

Navigating life a story at a time.

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