Bagpipes of the Skye Boat Song

Photo by Getty Images

I had a conversation with my son Daniel while listening to the Scottish song on our sound system. As the bagpipes in the background hauntingly played on – they effectively picked up the tempo, rising into a crescendo accentuated by the beat of the drums and amplified by our subwoofer…

I just couldn’t help but to be caught up in midst of it. Before long, my slang changed – taking up the nuances and manner of speaking of a Scots.

“Can ye imagine walkin’ aff intae battle listenin’ tae th’ roosin’ bags?” I began. (Translation: can you imagine walking off into battle listening to rhe rousing bagpipes?)

Daniel was grinning.

I continued…

“Ah heard th’ bags lest nicht when Ah watched th’ ootlander oan tv. ye can jist hear th’ pipes reverberatin’ aroond th’ hills…..ain we don’t hae hills!”

(Translation: I heard the bagpipes last night when I watched the Outlander on tv. You can just hear the pipes reverberating around the hills…..and we don’t have hills in the house! 😂…”)

Wee gab aside – Ah am jist glad tae listen tae them an’ tae simply be taken awa’ back intae th’ highlands an’ th’ lochs whaur fowk in kilts ur th’ n’rm, nae th’ exception….



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