A Walk in Wilmslow

Wilmslow UK by the Author

A walk and a quiet contemplation,

A lull in an otherwise busy existence,

A September full of plans,

for an October filled with work.

Wilmslow — town and civil parish,

in Cheshire, England you’re set,

11 miles sure and south of Manchester,

As far removed the Brunei shores.

And here I am,

And here I walk,

A strange stranger,

In a not so strange town.

I need to Talk the Talk,

And Walk the Walk,

and Plan the Plans,

so that Progress can Progress….

Can’t be fickle,

Need that focus,

Even though it’s hard,

As hard can be.

This is the midpoint,

of a journey barely beginning,

But a journey is a journey,

That it must be.

How this will unfold,

only Time will tell,

And tell it will too,

of a success or two…

Naught can it be,

Ought it should be,

Maybe a possibility,

but decrepit in its finality.

So here’s to our destination,

Somewhere down the road,

Where the walk brings us,

with a loud decisive clarity -


Been there,

Done that,





Navigating life a story at a time.

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Subandi Kamis

Subandi Kamis

Navigating life a story at a time.

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