What I learned from my son’s illness

Akmal, my son – 12 at that time (It was August a few years back) came down with a mysterious illness. He had trouble walking and moving. And his joints were in pain. …


Photo and Video (below) by Author

I saw the waves, the line of water,

Nearing the shores, small in the distance,

Yet majestic in pose, and grand in stature,

The sea – an expanse of dusty cyan blue,

In the light of the brilliant afternoon sky,

The trees – waving in the marine breeze,

Mixed Vegetables

“Aren’t you bored of the mixed vegetables?”, asked my wife Mona after yet another night of my request for the colourful culinary dish.

I took a spoonful of the vegetables onto my plate, splaying it at the periphery of my smallish pile of rice, before forwarding them to…

“I Am Going To Jump”

A patient – a male of considerable age was sitting in his bed alone. He had not seen his children that day, and was efficiently rambling and making his opinion known loudly….very loudly.

“If my kids don’t come soon, I am going to jump out…

Let Me Tell You About Mr James Douglas, Tailor Extraordinaire.

James Douglas died at the age of 65, less than a year after falling ill. An extraordinary tailor hailing from Glasgow – his meticulous work impressed the high society and were appreciated by his friends and clients alike.

Douglas kept…

Sign Language

Over dinner last night, I energetically did some sign language to my daughter, wanting her to pass me the food. After a moment of doing some vigorous hand gesticulation that was a mix of a Power Ranger combo move and what looked to be two gates opening and closing repetitively, my daughter Trisha gave up.

“What do you want, Daddy?”, she had asked.

“The vegetables!” I said.

“I couldn’t get it!”, piped in my son Daniel

“Oh”, I said, grabbing the incoming vegetable from my daughter, before adding calmly…

“It was an encrypted sign language!”

Both kids groaned.

Here’s from my family to yours during this auspicious occasion and season. Have a great Christmas. Be Safe!

Man Bag

“It’s a man’s purse”, said my then 15 year old daugher Trisha.

“No, it’s a cross body bag”, suggested my wife Mona.

I kept my eye on the road, holding the steering wheel somewhat apprehensively while tentatively listening and wondering where the conversation of my passengers were heading…

The Day 5 A.M Arrived Early


“Bandi…”, a voice was heard in the darkness “wake up. It’s time!”

Half groggy, I looked up to see my cousins ….literally my sisters looking excitable – 10 year old Emilda and soon to be 15 year old Era gazing down at me.

Wilmslow UK by the Author

A walk and a quiet contemplation,

A lull in an otherwise busy existence,

A September full of plans,

for an October filled with work.

Wilmslow — town and civil parish,

in Cheshire, England you’re set,

11 miles sure and south of Manchester,

As far removed the Brunei shores.

And here…


A glimmer of light,

Enough to cast.

Nothing less.

Nothing more.

Just enough,

to carry Tonight into Tomorrow….

Subandi Kamis

Knowledge is knowing what to tell. Wisdom is knowing whether to tell it.

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